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We Move Buildings of All Types

Regardless of the size, shape, weight or distance a structure needs to be moved, you can count on the knowledge and experience Northwest Structural Moving has to offer. We move buildings of all types including wood, brick, stone, steel and log framed structures. If there are obstacles which prevent your building from being moved on land, we have the equipment and experience necessary to load your building on a barge and move it on the water. We also have the equipment and manpower necessary to move multiple buildings at one time for the customer who is looking at a larger scale project and wants to save time and money.

Many different reasons for moving a building or home

There are many scenarios that may cause a building to be moved such as the dangers of flooding or the erosion of a nearby cliff or embankment. Historic homes in danger of being demolished can be saved by being relocated to another site. The most common reason for moving a building is due to land development. When a piece of property can be developed and the structure is situated in a way that limits the potential of the property, the owner or developer can move the existing structure to fit the redevelopment. This makes good economical sense when you consider the cost of building a new structure or the cost to demolish the existing one. In some instances, the home does not fit the redevelopment plan and must be removed from the property. In this case, we strive to match the home with a potential customer looking for an investment opportunity or an affordable housing option. The new owner can save 30%-50% off the cost of building a new structure, have the benefit of instant equity and occupy the home in half the time of new construction. Visit our Recycled Buildings for Sale if you are interested in the buildings we currently have available.

The most advanced equipment the industry has to offer

At Northwest Structural Moving, we use the most advanced equipment the industry has to offer. This includes our Unified Hydraulic Jacking System and Self-Propelled Hydraulic Power Dollies. Visit our Structural Lifts section for information on the benefits of using a Unified Hydraulic Jacking System. We maintain a large variety of transport equipment available to us including our Self-Propelled Hydraulic Power Dollies which allows us to move your building in the safest and most efficient manner possible without the need of a pull truck. This is beneficial in tight areas, especially on narrow city streets or lots. In addition, your project will be protected with a comprehensive insurance policy which specifically covers the moving of your building. Please see the Licensing and Insurance section for more information on this added benefit.

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