Residential Services

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Residential Structural Moves

Residential House MoversRegardless of the size, shape, weight or distance your home needs to be moved, you can count on the knowledge and experience Northwest Structural Moving has to offer. We move residential homes and buildings of all types including wood, brick, stone, steel and log framed structures. 

Residential Structural Lifts

Structural LiftsThere are many reasons why a person may want to lift their home. The most common reason is to replace or repair a deteriorating foundation or install a new home foundation when there is none. Many of our projects involve turning a crawlspace into a basement to create more living space in your house. 

Preservation of Historic Homes

Historical PreservationWe promote the preservation of landmark buildings and historic homes that define our neighborhoods. We believe a historical building should not be demolished without careful consideration of its architectural and environmental value. Many of these buildings can be moved to a new site and reused for either residential or commercial purposes; therefore saving a piece of architectural history.

Recycled Homes & Buildings

Recycled HousesA substantial part of our residential business is the recycling of structures that would otherwise be slated for demolition. When recycling a building, you will save thousands of dollars which would otherwise be spent on demolition costs and disposal fees. We attempt to match these structures with potential customers and relocate them to a new destination. This creates opportunities for affordable housing, prevents wasteful demolition and reduces material in our landfills.

Visit our Recycled Buildings for Sale page to see a list of buildings currently available for sale to be moved. We are always adding new buildings to our inventory so if you don’t find anything of interest, please continue to check back or call our sales department at 503-279-MOVE.

Flood Relief

Flood Relief - DuringIs your home subjected to regular flooding or the possibility of flooding? Then elevating your home may be the only way to preserve the health and integrity of the structure. Elevating a structure means raising its lowest floor above the flood protection elevation, a level at which your chances of flooding are greatly diminished or eliminated.

Other Services:
Excavation, Foundation Replacement, Basement Addition

In addition to moving or lifting your building, Northwest Structural Moving also offers additional services such as excavation, concrete and other related services necessary to complete your project. When it comes to removing an existing foundation or digging a basement under a lifted building, it takes an experienced team to ensure the building is not compromised by excavating too close to the temporary supports. Our staff is trained on the inherent risks of working under a lifted building and will ensure your project is completed with an emphasis on safety and integrity. If your project requires these additional services, we would be happy to provide you with a proposal upon request.

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Licensing and Insurance

We are committed to protecting you and your investment by providing you with one of the most comprehensive insurance policies available for the moving or lifting of your structure. 

Your investment is protected with “cargo insurance” which is provided to us by one of the leading insurance companies in the industry. A standard homeowner’s policy does not protect a structure while it is being lifted or transported. Make sure the company you choose for your project has “cargo insurance” and they are specifically insured for structural moving or lifting. Keep in mind that a company can be licensed, bonded and insured and still not have the proper insurance to be moving or lifting a structure.

In addition to being licensed, bonded and insured, we also maintain “structural moving and lifting” worker’s compensation insurance on all of our employees. Without this specific type of worker’s compensation insurance, you could be held liable if an uninsured worker is injured on your property. Before a contractor is hired, you should check to make sure they are licensed to work in your state and maintain the proper liability and worker’s compensation insurance to protect you and your investment.

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