Industrial & Marine Services

Industrial-Marine Moving Services

Finding the Safest and Most Efficient Methods for Your Project

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Industrial moversFrom a small machinery move to a large or complex industrial move, we are committed to meeting the needs of each client. Client satisfaction is an important part of our commitment to every job. We know the success of a project depends on the ability to keep production going and to minimize disruptions to your schedule. We work closely with our clients to achieve their financial and production objectives by keeping the project on time and within budget.

Experienced and knowledgeable staff

We have an experienced and knowledgeable staff that will ensure the quality, integrity and safety of your project. We strive to find the safest and most efficient methods for completing your project in order to lower costs and meet deadlines. Our company will provide you with initial project planning, route surveys and solutions to complex transportation issues. Our office staff is dedicated to working with transportation authorities to meet the requirements necessary to safely and efficiently move any load.

Design, engineering and fabrication services for custom needs

For those clients moving irregular or odd shaped objects, we also offer design, engineering and fabrication services for any custom apparatus or support that must be manufactured in order to safely transport the load. As our client, you will have a team of professionals working on your project to ensure all aspects of the move have been planned and coordinated to the last detail.

The most advanced equipment the industry has to offer

At Northwest Structural Moving, we use the most advanced equipment the industry has to offer and we continue to invest in the latest technology. We have a large variety of hydraulic jacking systems, transport dollies and trailers available to us including our Self-Propelled Hydraulic Power Dollies which allows us to move your building in the safest and most efficient manner possible without the need of a prime mover truck. This equipment is beneficial in tight areas, especially on narrow roadways, barges or in fabrication facilities. This technology is extremely valuable when a load needs to be rotated in a limited amount of space. In addition, we offer our Unified Hydraulic Jacking System. Regardless of how much weight each jack is supporting, the unified system synchronizes the pressure to the jacks so the entire structure will lift evenly. This technology makes our lifting capacity virtually unlimited and protects against unnecessary stress that could cause extensive damage to the structure.

Wide Variety of Services:

  • Specialized Transport of Transformers, Generators, Reactors, Storage Tanks, Bridges, Oil Rigs, Vessels and Steel Fabrications
  • Heavy Lift & Rigging Services
  • Machinery Moving
  • Industrial Equipment Moving
  • Maintenance Lifting and Shoring Services
  • Oversized/Heavy Transportation
  • Custom Fabrication Services
  • Hydraulic Slide Skid System
  • Skate System
  • Engineered Barge Loading and Ballasting Plans
  • Sea Fastening Services
  • Naval Architect Services
  • Rail Car Loading
  • Test Lifting and Weighing
  • Structure Relocation
  • Engineering & Logistical Support on All Projects
  • DOT Permit Specialist on Staff

Industries Served:

  • Aerospace
  • Bridge
  • Civil & Industrial
  • Electrical
  • Marine & Hydro
  • Mining
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Oil & Natural Gas
  • Power Distribution
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