Historical Preservation

Saving Some of the Northwest’s Most Premier Historical Buildings

We promote the preservation of landmark buildings that define our neighborhoods. We believe a historical building should not be demolished without careful consideration of its architectural and environmental value. Many of these buildings can be moved to a new site and reused for either residential or commercial purposes; therefore saving a piece of architectural history.

We have worked closely with historical societies, private individuals and developers to save some of the Northwest’s most premier historical buildings. Some of our more notable projects have included the moving of the Ladd Carriage House, the Richard Price House, the John P. Kiggin’s House, the Tualatin Heritage Center and the Robinson Store (aka Rich’s Kitchen).

Moving historical structures of all types and sizes

We have moved historical structures of all types and sizes and are familiar with the care and attention to detail that must be given to these projects. Our specialized equipment includes a Hydraulic Unified Jacking System and Self-Propelled Hydraulic Power Dollies which allows us to lift or move your structure with the least amount of stress on the building. This equipment, together with our experienced staff, is the reason we have been trusted to move some of the most fragile historical buildings in our area.

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