Commercial Services

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Commercial Structural Moves

Commercial Structural MoversAt Northwest Structural Moving, we have moved a variety of commercial structures including wood, steel and brick buildings, churches, bridges, modular classrooms and over-sized boats, yachts and other vessels. Regardless of the size, shape, weight or distance a structure needs to be moved, you can count on the knowledge and experience Northwest Structural Moving has to offer.

Commercial Structural Lifts

Commercial LiftMany of our commercial projects simply involve lifting a building to replace or repair a deteriorating foundation; but many of our clients are looking for a creative solution to solve their space requirements. By lifting a building and adding an additional floor or basement, a client can double the square footage of their building cheaper and faster than other traditional expansion methods.

Historical Preservation of Landmark Buildings

Commercial Historical PreservationWe promote the preservation of landmark buildings that define our neighborhoods. We believe a historical building should not be demolished without careful consideration of its architectural and environmental value. Many of these buildings can be moved to a new site and reused for either residential or commercial purposes; therefore saving a piece of architectural history.

Relocation Verses Demolition

Recycled HousesA substantial part of our business is the recycling of structures that would otherwise be slated for demolition. We have moved entire neighborhoods from land that is being redeveloped due to rezoning, highway widening projects or other expansions. We have the equipment and manpower necessary to move multiple buildings at one time for the client who is trying to lower costs and meet project deadlines.

A recycled building creates opportunities for affordable housing or office space, prevents wasteful demolition and reduces material in our landfills. When recycling a building, you will save thousands of dollars which will otherwise be spent on demolition costs and disposal fees. Additionally, it is environmentally responsible for all of us to participate in our country’s recycling efforts and work towards sustainable development. If you are working on a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) project, a recycled building could count toward your LEED certification goals. It is a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Roof Lifts

roof liftRoof lifting is an economical way to convert a commercial building with insufficient ceiling height into a usable facility. By lifting the roof and adding height and cubic space, you can eliminate the need for additional real estate or the need to relocate your operations to a larger facility. By expanding up, you can reduce costs normally associated with new construction. The completion time of the project will be significantly less which will minimize disruption to your business. In addition, your building will now have increased value and marketability for future tenants or saleability.

Other Services:
Excavation, Foundation Replacement, Basement Addition

In addition to moving or lifting your building, Northwest Structural Moving also offers additional services such as excavation, concrete and other related services necessary to complete your project. When it comes to removing an existing foundation or digging a basement under a lifted building, it takes an experienced team to ensure the building is not compromised by excavating too close to the temporary supports. Our staff is trained on the inherent risks of working under a lifted building and will ensure your project is completed with an emphasis on safety and integrity. If your project requires these additional services, we would be happy to provide you with a proposal upon request.

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