Home Box – Customer Testimonials

NWSM moved the bottom, middle and top sections from
our shop to the yard. Each move was well planned and
each employee of NWSM was well informed. With the
expertise and the sophisticated equipment used by NWSM,
that task was performed without any problems. This work
was done safely, timely and with precision. My hat is off to
Keith Settle and his team for a job well done.” 

– Dave Williams, Senior Project Manager,
  Thompson Metal Fab, Inc.


When it comes to moving my home, it’s more important
than ever to choose a company with the expertise to
maximize a safe move. You have that type of
company. I recognize your company offers quality
one can see and other qualities and values one
cannot see such as being absolutely sensitive to my
needs and concerns by carefully listening and paying
attention to the smallest detail. Coupling my trust in
your excellent team, I felt your team always focused
on putting all of their experience and knowledge to
best use insuring a safe and successful move.”

5 Reasons We Are The Right Choice

Joe Winston, Homeowner
  Gold Beach, Oregon



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