NWSM loads 300,000 pound vessel on barge

This 102 foot long main control structure is part of the first wave energy device to be placed in operation in North America.  It is being moved from the fabrication facility in Vancouver, Washington to a floating drydock where it will be launched in the waters off the Oregon coast.

The Lower Monumental Dam Gate Replacement — Vancouver, Washington

  Project Description Replacing navigation lock gates The US Army Corps of Engineers, which owns and operates eight dams in the Northwest, began the process of replacing navigation lock gates on three of the dams in 2010. One of these dams was The Lower Monumental Dam located on the lower Snake River, near Kahlotus, Washington. … [Read More]

The Dalles Dam Mitre Gate Replacement — Vancouver, Washington / The Dalles, Oregon

  Project Description Successful installation of the gates under a tight time schedule The locks at The Dalles Dam were closed on December 10, 2010 in order for the US Army Corps of Engineers to replace the aging downstream lock gates.  This project was time sensitive as the Columbia River had to be shut down … [Read More]

Corbett Street Development — Portland, Oregon

  Project Description Awarded the “Most Innovative” job of the year in 2008 This building was moved in order to make way for future development of condominiums with river views. The 40 foot wide x 45 foot long x 36 foot tall building weighing 240,000 pounds was moved 80 feet horizontally and lowered 37 feet … [Read More]

Old Brick Store (aka Robinson’s Store, Rich’s Kitchen) — Tualatin, Oregon

  Project Description Preserving one of Tualatin’s historic landmarks The historic “Old Brick Store” was in the path of the Boones Ferry Road widening project in Tualatin, Oregon. The building was owned by the City of Tualatin and after consultants advised it could not be moved, it was scheduled for demolition. The Tualatin Historical Society … [Read More]

Keith Settle to become President of IASM in 2013

Keith Settle will be inducted as President of the International Association of Structural Movers (IASM) at the 31st Annual Conference in Ontario, California on March 23, 2013. Keith has been a member of the IASM since 1999 and has served on the Board of Directors since 2006.

NWSM Featured on NBC Nightly News

NBC featured NWSM on their Nightly News show, showcasing a new trend in Recycled Homes.

Big Rig Day 2012

Northwest Structural Moving (NWSM) attends “Big Rig” Day at McBride Elementary School in St. Helens, Oregon. Keith Settle of NWSM talks to students about the structural moving industry and answers questions about our Big Rig called “Goliath”.

NWSM Featured on Cover of IASM’s Structural Mover Magazine

NWSM Transports Navigational Lock Gates

The Ladd Carriage House — Portland, Oregon

  Project Description Moving one of the most important historic structures in Portland The “Ladd Carriage House” is regarded as one of the most important historic structures in downtown Portland. The structure was built in 1883 by William S. Ladd who was pivotal in the early development of Portland and twice served as Portland’s mayor. … [Read More]

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